The Curb Cut Effect, or Why It Is Basically Impossible To Appropriate From Disabled People

The Curb Cut Effect, or Why It Is Basically Impossible To Appropriate From Disabled People.

This is an important read, though there are a few instances where it’s not true. Sign language has some things in it that can be appropriated, but as I’m not someone who knows sign language nor am I deaf or hard of hearing (in any way that has been noticeable in my day-to-day interaction with others).

But for the most part, as far as I’m aware, this is accurate. Or it’s at least accurate for far more things than people are aware.


Dragonball 1×01 Bulma and Son Goku/The Secret of the Dragonballs Summary

Dragonball 1×01 Bulma and Son Goku/The Secret of the Dragonballs Summary.

I am also a writer for Neurotropes, and I’m doing episode summaries on Dragon Ball and Hannibal. I currently only have Dragon Ball episode summaries up, and I’m talking at length about Goku’s apparent developmental disability. I’ll also be talking about Yamcha’s anxiety and other things when I get to that point.

With Hannibal, I’ll be discussing Will Graham’s autism and how the narrative is very much an autistic narrative – whether Bryan Fuller likes it or not.


I have 6,376 words so far and 22 pages. I’m happy with the direction it’s going in. (I wasn’t actually ever aiming for specifically 50,000, I just like the motivation to keep writing every day. Though it didn’t happen the day before yesterday.)

Nervous about the short shifts at work, but I’m expecting to get more hours come Thanksgiving week.

I was approached about film ideas and have a meeting next week. Here’s hoping something comes of that. It’s splatter horror.

I’ll probably post some things about the types of things that appear in my book (the stuff I’m researching, etc.). As well as the music I’m listening to while I write.

Also, I’ll be drawing up flyers to seek help with my short film.

Participating in NANOWRIMO

I’m participating in NANOWRIMO this year. I will be re-writing a story I wrote when I was sixteen, and when I’m finished with it, I’ll be self-publishing it. I had tried to get it published through a publishing company when I was sixteen, but the only reason it wasn’t picked up was because it was difficult to market. So I’ll simply market it myself. I’ve also finished writing a short movie script, and I’m working with someone on the very beginning pre-prod stages. It’s a short horror film.